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Businesses don’t come any bigger or more innovative than Google. So, when they release a new product onto the market, expectations and excitement raise in equal measure. The latest product from the Palo Alto colossus goes by the name of Google Home and it might just be about to make your life a whole lot easier.


Innovation in Abundance

Following fast on the footsteps of the Amazon Echo device, the Google Home is, put simply, a voice-activated speaker. It is powered by the company’s Google Assistant technology and it is there to answer any questions that you might have. It is basically there as your eavesdropping assistant that can provide detailed answers to any questions that you throw its way – providing you pre-fix said questions with the required “OK, Google” command.



Minimalist in design and overflowing with technological superiority (would you expect anything less from Google?), this fantastic little accessory is the perfect assistant to have in more or less any room in the house. Doing some cooking? Ask it for a recipe. Watching football? Ask it for the line up or betting odds. The scope of helpfulness from Google Home is pretty much limitless.

Technological Marvel

Google aren’t going to release a product that isn’t right on the cutting edge from a technological standpoint so you won’t be surprised to hear that Google Home has a mighty impressive roster of features which includes far-field voice recognition, an integrated high-excursion speaker which delivers crystal-clear highs and rich bass, touch controls and multi-room capability.


Understated in design but big in performance, this excellent little gadget from Google is going to be your right hand man for all of your questions and requirements around the home and we’re loving its intuitive design features here at Coolector HQ.

Music Matters

If you’re a music fan, Google Home is certainly going to be right up your street due to the fact a simple voice request will see Google Home spring into action to play music, podcasts or radio from leading suppliers like Spotify, Google Play Music, TuneIn, YouTube Music and Pandora.


It’s great to be able to speak to your technology and for it to understand you but Google Home goes that one step further and will, with your permission, learn about you and add a more personal touch to proceedings. It can retrieve your flight details, set alarms and timers for you, and even give you updates about the traffic on your into the office.

An awesome looking addition to Google’s growing selection of tangible products and one we can’t wait to get our hands on and try out here at Coolector HQ.

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