The Isle of the Unexpected by Jura

Jura are a brand who we’ve a long held affinity for here at Coolector HQ. It’s not just the fact that they happen to make one of the very best whiskies on the market but also the fact that they maintain their traditions and ensure that each and every drop is made in the right way.

It is for that reason that our interests are always piqued whenever the clever creatives at Jura come up with events and campaigns for the public to enjoy. The latest immersive offering from the brand, in collaboration with art duo, Art of Disappearing, goes by the name of The Isle of the Unexpected and unfolds in one of Shoreditch’s coolest bars, The Looking Glass.

Whisked Away

Using top of the range virtual reality, you will be jettisoned away from Shoreditch to the Isle of Jura where the whisky is made and it really is a wonderfully immersive experience that really does need to be seen to be believed. You’ll arrive and work in teams of fours, tasked with a mission to help a tortured film maker, known only as Eric, to complete his script for a film.


You’ll do this by working your way around the speak-easy come theatrical set, interacting with those on the Isle of Jura through the use of the VR and discover clues and insights which will help Eric in his goal to overcome writer’s block and get the script for his film finished.

Jura Work Their Magic

Jura Whisky are a brand that aren’t afraid to do things differently and our rightly extremely proud of their heritage in the whisky crafting community and this always shines through in the promotions and events that they put on. Never has this been more apparent with the wonderfully well conceived Isle of the Unexpected which makes use of the latest technologies to spirit you away from the London watering hole to the home of the whisky itself.


If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening in London, and you’ve got a love of all things whisky, you’re unlikely to find anything more unusual and engaging than this first class event being held by Jura between 13-15 & 19-22 October, at The Looking Glass on Hackney Road.

Help Eric finish that script!

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