GORUCK Rucker Backpack

Robust carries are something that are essential for both adventure and day to day pursuits alike and nobody does these durable solutions better than the guys at GORUCK and so they have proven once again with their superb looking Rucker Backpack which is a stylish, versatile and functional offering that will tick all the right boxes for anyone after their next backpack.

The GORUCK Rucker Backpack is an active daypack for everyday use and it has been carefully designed and crafted to fit in with the day to day requirements of men whether this be heading to the gym, out into the wild or merely for a daily commute to work. This superb looking carry from Coolector HQ favourites GORUCK has a stealthy, understated aesthetic and is crafted from impressive materials to ensure its robust finish and performance.

Strength and Style

Cleverly designed, the Rucker Backpack from GORUCK seamlessly integrates with with Ruck Plates, which, unlike laptops, don’t break. What this means is that if any other brand had built the Rucker®, they’d likely have called it a laptop bag, and probably the best ever. This cracking USA made backpack from GORUCK uses special forces grade materials such as 1000 denier CORDURA® which is the material of choice for the Special Forces courtesy of its strength to weight ratio and unparalleled robustness.

The GORUCK Rucker Backpack has plenty of versatility and additional carry options such as 3 rows of external MOLLE webbing which allows you to customise your carry to exactly how you want it. MOLLE is the same system which is used by American Armed Forces to attach life-saving sensitive equipment such as ammunition but you’ll be able to carry all sorts of gear with it as well when heading out on camping trips, hikes and excursions into the wild.

With eye-catching features everywhere you look, it’s easy to see why the Rucker from GORUCK is geared towards those with a love of adventure and the great outdoors. Just some of the more impressive features of this brilliant carry include a built-in frame sheet which supports the integrity of the pack as you weigh it down and lets you carry a heavier load more comfortably. In addition it has a hydration bladder loop and port which will be essential to keeping you hydrated on the lengthy hikes in hot conditions.

Lasts a Lifetime

Such are the quality of materials used throughout the manufacture of the Rucker Backpack, you can rest assured that it’s not going to buckle under day to day usage, even when you’re porting about heavy items, and will last for as long as you need it. This top notch carry is built for a life spent outdoors in adventurous settings and its rainproof exterior means that it has got your back come rain or shine.

You know you’re getting a superior quality product with any of the wares from GORUCK but with the Rucker Backpack you are also getting an extremely affordable and functional one to boot. Plenty of storage space and a level of resilience that makes it perfect for adventure excursions, the quality of these backpacks really does speak for itself.

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