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We all for English watches here at Coolector HQ and though they are relatively few and far between, we’re delighted when we stumble across an English watchmaker and we’ve encountered few better than that of Gown & Oars watches which boast the understated aesthetics that we undoubtedly favour.

Gown & Oars timepieces are a Cambridge based brand that were devised by Karim Faisali and James Jugg and their exceptional array of minimalist style timepieces have definitely caught our eye here at The Coolector. Designed here in the UK, with Swiss precision movements, these Gown & Oars watches are certainly well conceived and constructed and if you’re after an affordable wristwatch with no shortage of style, one from any of their myriad collections will tick all the right boxes.

The objective of Gown & Oars watches is to craft functional, affordable timepieces that boast an effortlessly cool and understated design and they’ve unequivocally completed the objective admirably in the opinion of us here at Coolector HQ. They boast a fantastically eclectic series of timepieces that will meet all style requirements and you can see some of our favourites of theirs below:







Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 16.47.17

As you can see, there’s nothing ostentatious about the watches from Gown & Oars and that definitely appeals to us at The Coolector because, truth be told, we’re simple folk and don’t require lots of bells and whistles on our watches – as long as it tells us the time and boasts a bit of character then we’re happy. And the watches from Cambridge based watchmakers Gown & Oars definitely do that.

A superb example of the fact that watches can still look great and don’t have to cost the earth, Gown & Oars watches all retail for under £200 so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get one of these fantastically designed watches on your wrist. Made from first rate components and boasting a plethora of different materials for their straps, there really is something for everyone in this cracking collection of minimalist timepieces.

Price: £150+

Available: Gown & Oar

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