Greatest Rides

One of our major gripes in life here at Coolector HQ is our complete and utter lack of artistic talent and whilst many would not choose to torture themselves by scouring the web for people at the other end of the artistic talent spectrum, that’s exactly what we do and said scouring has bought our attention to a certain Ido Yehimovitz and his excellent Greatest Rides series of illustrations.

Ido Yehimovitz is a Tel Aviv based artist who works as a games designer but his talents transfer expertly to illustration as you might expect and we’ve been thoroughly won over by his spiffing Greatest Rides series here at The Coolector. This cracking collection of illustrations captures some of the most famous rides of film and television and such iconic vehicles as the Ghostbusters wagon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles camper and the Stair Car from Arrested Development have all made an appearance in the series.

If you’ve a weakness for illustration, you’ll find it difficult not to be impressed with Yehimovitz’s first class vehicular series and he himself has said it is only Part One so hopefully there will be plenty more automative excellence to follow.

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