Ojas Speakers

A good set of speakers is something that not many have but most want and if you’re the sort who demands great aesthetic appeal from their speakers alongside unparalleled audio performance, then we here at The Coolector dare say that you’re unlikely to come across many better than these stunning Ojas Speakers which have been made in conjunction with Saturdays Surf NYC and exclusively sold in their store in Kobe, Japan.

These visually astounding speakers are designed by Devon Turnbull and the sleek, premium quality is plain to see (and reflected in the price tag) so if you’re in a position to shell out around $12000 on a set of speakers, you’ll be thoroughly rewarded by these Ojas Speakers on every style and performance level. These floor-based speakers are crafted from high quality wood and though speakers are made for the quality of the sound they are capable of producing, you most likely find yourself staring at these Ojas Speakers such is their impeccable aesthetic appeal. See what we’re talking about below:




We can’t recall a more stylish set of speakers we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and those these from Ojas and Saturdays Surf NYC are considerably outside of our price-range, you can rest assured that we’d be all over them if budget were permitting.

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