Gregory Besson Skull Armchair

Designer furniture literally comes in all shapes and sizes and we’re all going to have our own tastes as to the sort of things that we’re going to want to have in our own homes but for those who lean towards the quirky edge of the spectrum, there is this superbly stylised Skull Armchair from designer, Gregory Besson.

Crafted from a mixture of fibreglass (for the skull) and rich leather (for the seating), the Skull Armchair by Besson is certainly a luxurious piece of designer furniture that, quite frankly, you’re either going to love or hate. We’re firmly in the former category here at Coolector HQ and would love to have one of these decidedly unusual statement pieces of furniture residing in our workspace.

The visual impact of this cracking piece of designer furniture is unparalleled and whilst some may see it as being a little on the macabre side, we’re big fans at Coolector HQ and from a purely design point of view, it’s difficult to top. Take a look at a few more shots below:







There is no shortage of design flair and innovation running through this amazing Skull Armchair from Gregory Besson and we’re in doubt there will be plenty of modern homes and offices that are positively crying out for such a cool piece of designer furniture as this.

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