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One of our biggest lamentations here at Coolector HQ is that we haven’t got a dog running around the joint because we’re firm fans of canines and would very much enjoy a four legged cohort to keep us entertained during the day.

Given our love of dogs and, indeed, coffee at The Coolector, we were delighted to discover this fantastic looking Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. whose mantra is “Every Pound Saves a Hound” because this excellent purveyor of delicious looking brews makes donations to dog charities to the tune of 20% of all revenue which, I think we can all agree, is an admirable gesture indeed.

Coffee is a considerable weakness of ours at Coolector HQ and given the frequency with which we get through it around these here parts, it is rewarding to think that we could actually be doing good as we get our caffeine fix with the superb looking array of coffees available from Grounds & Hounds.

The company operates out of California and the brand was born after the company’s proprietor, Jordan Karcher, fell in love with a brown and white dalmatian puppy which he stumbled across in a Santa Monica dog rescue and, somewhat brilliantly, had no intention of adopting a dog when he left the house but the awesomeness of said dog won him over and ultimately led to the creation of the equally as awesome Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Check out some of their first rate coffee creations below:

grounds & coffee

grounds hounds coffee


papers and slippers

We’re definitely on board with the wonderful message behind Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. and if you’re of a similar dog and coffee loving mindset, you should certainly consider making the great sounding coffees – such as Papers & Slippers and Morning Walk – the next addition to your coffee rota.

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