Maud Edgeboard

We don’t cook a great deal here at Coolector HQ but when we occasionally do, we like to have the best tools at our disposal and when it comes to chopping boards, we’ve seen few better than this fantastically crafted Maud Edgeboard which looks to be a resilient and exceptionally stylish addition to your kitchen accessories.

The Maud Edgeboard is a handmade chopping board that boasts a number of special features that set it apart from other chopping boards of its ilk. Some of these features include a raised edge which allows you to gather and easily remove the food which you’ve been chopping and the fact it is crafted from a naturally anti-bacterial, sustainably sourced wood for the immense visual appeal you see before you.




The Maud Edgeboard perfectly coincides with our preoccupation with summer barbecues here at Coolector HQ as I dare say we’ll be doing chopping aplenty over the coming months as we crack open the craft ales and fire up the barbecue once again.

If you want a striking, functional and stylish chopping board for your kitchen kung-fu, the first class Maud Edgeboard won’t let you down by the looks of it.

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