Grovemade Catch All

We’re a pretty disorganised, messy bunch here at Coolector HQ and we’re always on the hunt for accessories and furniture that will help keep our clutter in check. That’s why we’ve fallen for the minimalist charms of this Grovemade Catch All which is a small but perfectly formed means of storing all your EDC when you get home from work and boasts a sleek aesthetic that will fit in well with any interior design endeavour.


Grovemade are certainly no strangers to the pages of The Coolector are we regularly feature their excellent pieces of everyday carry and we’re pleased to see them branching out into the furniture market with great pieces like this supremely versatile and functional Catch All which is tailor made for making you a more organised individual in the morning and evening.

Cracking Design

Whilst not revolutionary, the clever design of the Grovemade Catch All makes it suitable for more or less any property type or interior design effort and because of its universality, it’s hard not to be impressed with its understated aesthetics. Suitable for housing all manner of EDC including phones, keys, wallets, pens, cash and other bits and pieces that we all port about on a daily basis, this great little piece of designer furniture from Grovemade has definitely left us wanting one here at Coolector HQ.



Available in two types of wood – walnut and Maple – this great piece has the visual gravitas we’ve come to expect from all Grovemade products and for any homeowner looking for a means of making their morning dash to work less about finding keys, wallets and phones then this is a must have purchase.

This superb design from Grovemade boasts a wool felt lining which is there to shield your EDC from scratches and other damage. It also offers a trio of hidden away brass hooks which are the ideal spot for hanging your keys, bottle openers and what have you.

Magnificent Minimalism

All of the products that Grovemade produce are understated and don’t feel the need to be excessively showy, preferring to rely on providing impeccable functionality and aesthetics and this is the case once again with their awesome looking Catch All. As we say, it’s not going to change the world but for those that have real difficulties in keeping their EDC in check, it will be a real godsend.



Grovemade continue to amaze us with their every growing array of USA made, wooden products and having graduated from phone cases into other EDC, we’re delighted to see them transition into furniture design and very much look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for this Portland based brand.

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