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It’s fair to say we’re pretty torn when it comes to conventional bikes and e-bikes here at Coolector HQ. The traditionalist in us would lean heavily towards the more conventional, old fashioned bikes but the inherent laziness in our bones makes us just as enamoured with e-bikes and this quandary may have been admirably solved by the supremely well crafted and striking Klever E-Bikes.


Klever are a team of German design and engineering experts who have managed to come up with a first class selection of E-Bikes and their latest collection, the X-Range, really is the pinnacle of power assisted bikes and we’re certainly sitting heavily in that camp right now having feasted our eyes on some of their exceptional steeds.

Speed & Comfort

As you would perhaps expect from a German engineered product, the Klever E-Bikes are quality constructions that boast both sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. As E-Bikes go, this one from Klever is unquestionably one of the coolest we’ve encountered and the minimalist aesthetic, that doesn’t draw too heavily on the fact it is an E-Bike adds an extra dimension to this fantastic looking machine and we’re sure that there will be plenty of others out there who are deliberating an E-Bike purchase who will be won over by this visually superior offering.



The Klever E-Bike has a lot going on under the hood but all of the electronics are tucked away inside, with the signature “loop frame” that integrates the battery within its structure for a much more aesthetically pleasing, understated finish. With an LCD display on the handlebars that integrates with your devices via BlueTooth, it is immediately clear that this is no ordinary bike and those who strive for that extra bit of tech with all their purchases will be in their element with the Klever E-Bike.


With four iterations making up their X-Range – Commuter, Raw, Limited Edition and Speed – you’re sure to find a steed that matches your requirements within Klever’s latest collection of E-Bikes and the quality of the materials, coupled with the first rate craftsmanship ensure that it will be the last machine you need for your urban commuting needs with their top speed approaching 30MPH.

Classy Commuting

For anyone living in the urban environment that is looking for the perfect contraption between tradition bicycle and car to get around town on, these superb X-Range E-Bikes from Klever are going to score well in a number of departments. Nippy, stylish and exceptionally cool, they won’t let you down on the performance or aesthetics front and we’re massively impressed with the diversity of the latest range.




Finding your next bike may just have become that bit easier courtesy of just how impressive and eye-catching these E-Bikes from German engineers, Klever, really are and we’re sure there will be an abundance of men, us included, wanted to get their hands on one this Christmas.

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