Grovemade iPhone Bumper

If you feel like your iPhone needs a bit of embellishment but you’re after something understated and not ostentatious, it’s often difficult to know where to look. Well, let us here at The Coolector be your Sherpas on your search for a stylish iPhone and point you in the direction of a mightily spiffing accessories maker from Portland, Oregon, that go by the name of Grovemade.

The item in particular that has caught our eye at Coolector HQ is the supremely stylish iPhone Bumpers from Grovemade that are available in a number of different woods and provide both protection and a distinct visual flair to your smartphone. Grovemade aim to make things well. Really well. And this is something that is highly evident in all of their wood-based wares.

Each product that emerges from the Grovemade stable of goods is 100% handmade in Portland and comes with a stamp from the maker of your accessory of choice. The iPhone Bumpers which have caught our eye are available in both walnut and maple to suit your particular tastes and they are made by hand in the company’s Oregon based workshop. Perfect for those who favour a minimalist slant, the Grovemade iPhone Bumper definitely ticks all of our style boxes here at Coolector HQ and you can see why below:

grovemade grovemade side grovemadecase

As you can see, it’s a mighty striking addition to your smartphone and if you want that extra level of protection without compromising on the visual appeal of your iPhone, Grovemade have definitely got you covered with their bumper collection.

Finely crafted, endlessly stylish and visually impressive, there is nothing not to like with these cases and we’re firm fans at Coolector HQ that’s for sure.

Price: $39

Available: Grovemade

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