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Give us a brilliantly branded product here at The Coolector and we’ll give you a product we love. That’s exactly the position we currently find ourselves in with the great looking soaps from a French purveyor of skincare accessories that goes by the name of Le Baigneur and a mere glance in their direction is more than enough to reveal why we’ve fallen for them.

Le Baigneur soaps are made in Paris and they consist of 100% organic ingredients to appease any eco-minded fellows out there. We’ve featured plenty of skincare products and soaps here on the pages of The Coolector but Le Baigneur are the first from our Gallic neighbours and we’ve set the bar pretty high for any other French skincare pedlars who want to follow suit because, safe to say, we’re big fans of both the branding and the products emerging from the Le Baigneur stable.

The fantastically crafted soaps from Le Baigneur are made with sustainability in mind and all the packaging in which your soaps are parcelled are plastic free from recycled materials and dripping in awesomeness. In addition to this rather admirable packaging, the Parisian brand also give 1% of their annual profits to SurfRider Foundation Europe which is committed to protecting the coasts and oceans. The soaps are made using a cold-press method by artisans in Paris and they are chock full of revitalising ingredients that will treat your skin like a boss.

le baigneur



If you’re in the market for some awesome new soaps and have a French fancy, we here at Coolector HQ are happy to point you in the direction of Le Baigneur and their rather spiffing selection of soaps and other skincare products.

Available: Le Baigneur & LA Gent

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