Grovemade Pen & Stand

Workspace specialists, Grovemade, are one of our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ and we’re always eagerly awaiting new releases from this Portland, Oregon, based purveyor of workspace essentials. The latest to have caught our eye is the Grovemade Pen & Stand which is the first foray into stationery for the brand and, as you can see, they’ve hit a home run right off the bat.

The Grovemade Pen & Stand is fruit of a design process spanning four years, it’s a refined writing tool, and a modern take on a classic desk pen. For those of you who are serious about making your workspace look as refined as possible, the addition of this cracking new release from Grovemade will go a long way to achieving exactly that. Available in Black ($50) and Brass ($70), this fantastic piece of stationery will class up your workspace no end and we’re definitely looking to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

The Pen Your Desk Has Been Dreaming Of

If, like us, you lament the fact that pens aren’t used as often as they once were, you’ll join us in wanting to add one of these Grovemade Pen & Stands to your deskspace as it will promote envy amongst the stationery inclined and likely promote an increase in the number of people in your office wanting to use pens again. Grovemade have obsessed over making the best writing tool they could for your workspace and nothing more – it doesn’t strive to be something its not and focuses on doing what it is designed to do. Made for your desk, it’s here to change the way you work.

The Grovemade Pen & Stand ($50+) strives to return old school sophistication to your desk with a contemporary twist and first class craftsmanship. It’s a pen that’s always there when you need it, at home in its prominent stand—no need to collect a cluttered mountain of pens and pencils because you’ll always have one to hand that is better than all the rest. For maximum robustness, it’s built with a seamless all-metal body for an heirloom quality pen that will last a lifetime.

Boasting functionality of the charts, the Grovemade Pen & Stand is made from solid metal which delivers superb weight and balance, and machined facets which make for a surprisingly slim grip. The twist movement snaps into place with a satisfying pop, and the premium ink cartridge writes smooth even when your thoughts are all over the place. Grovemade have carefully considered each element of the design to make a pen that handles well and looks effortlessly elegant.

Excellent Materials 

The Grovemade Pen starts its life as a solid bar of metal, otherwise known as a billet. Grovemade order these bars in brass and aluminium and once they receive this raw material, they send it off to their friends just across the river in Vancouver, WA who specialise in a process called Swiss Screw Machining. There they take Grovemade’s solid bars of metal, and use their design and engineering specs to turn it into two forms: the pen body and the dial. The tangible quality this delivers is second to none and this will rapidly become your favourite piece of stationery.

With prices starting at just $50, the Grovemade Pen is an affordable addition to your workspace and one that will considerably improve the look and feel of your desk whilst providing a functional tool for day to day use. We love minimalist accessories here at Coolector HQ and for those of you looking to ramp up the style of your workspace over the next few months, you’ve just found the first essential addition.

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