Grovemade Pocket Knife

We’re not exactly accomplished woodsmen and whittlers here at Coolector HQ but we think that we can just about handle a pocket knife and, we have to say, this one from Grovemade looks to be amongst the best of the bunch out there.

This excellent looking little piece of everyday carry from one of our favourite brands, Grovemade, keeps up their fine tradition of crafting top notch wooden goods for the discerning gentleman and this awesome looking Pocket Knife is certainly no exception.

Fantastically well crafted and extremely functional, the Grovemade Pocket Knife is inspired by classic Japanese Higonokami design so it is one for the minimalist woodsmen out there. Check out a few more shots of it in action below:






Available in both maple and walnut iterations, the Grovemade Pocket Knife is definitely a piece of EDC that you should have on your person if you’re heading out into the wilds. It’s a versatile, durable little knife that scores highly on the aesthetics front as well as being mighty functional to boot. If you’re on the lookout for a new pocket knife this summer, this one from Grovemade won’t steer you too far wrong.

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