Grovemade Speakers

Portland based, Grovemade, are one of our favourite brands here at The Coolector and we’re always waiting with baited breath for their new releases and, as expected, they’ve hit the nail once again with these fantastically designed and technologically superior Grovemade Speakers.

The Grovemade Speakers are, as we’ve come to expect from these purveyors of wood based excellence, aesthetically superior and will add to the visual appeal of any space in which you deploy them. Available in two different woods – walnut and maple – and boast a simplified speaker design which takes it back to its essentials by replacing digital signal processing with a custom back-loaded horn design for a truly excellent looking sound system for your workspace.

Brilliant sound quality and excellent visuals combine to make these Grovemade Speakers a must have in our book and for anyone who is looking for great new speakers for their home or office, then these will unquestionably fit the bill. Take a look at a few more shots of these cracking speakers below:








We’re always fans of new products from Grovemade here at The Coolector but these awesome speakers really are a cut above from a visual and performance point of view and we’re not surprised they already flying off the shelves.

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