Tempus Electric Bike

The older we get (and the more often we throw our back out) here at Coolector HQ, our thoughts gravitate more and more towards electric bikes and when they’re as incredible looking as this Tempus Electric Bike, we are immediately, and inevitably, sold.

The Tempus Electric Bike takes its design inspiration from 1960’s café racer motorcycles and infuses a unique, striking exterior with modern technology to create the perfect contraption for today’s modern man. This fantastic looking steed boasts a brushless DC hub motor, lithium ion battery, leather motorcycle seat and suspension that can take you on or off road for the ultimate in versatility.

We’re massive fans of the understated, vintage appeal of this electric bike from Tempus and it really sets it apart from the crowd in our opinion here at The Coolector. You can feast your eyes on a few more shots of this magnificent looking construct below:






Gloriously stylish, fantastically versatile and technology superior, the Tempus Electric Bike really does have the lot and if you’re after a machine that harks back to a bygone era but boasts the technological elements that we all typically demand today then this is unquestionably the contraption for you and gets two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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