Grovemade Tan Compact Bifold Leather Wallet

We seem to be encountering wallets, and EDC in general if we’re being honest, thick and fast here at Coolector HQ but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing with Christmas right around the corner and the latest to have captured our attention is the excellent looking Tan Compact Bifold Leather Wallet from The Coolector regulars, Grovemade.


This top notch looking wallet from Grovemade carries on their rich tradition of crafting genuinely functional, striking and minimalist wares that today’s modern man will appreciate and if you find yourself on the hunt for a new wallet, this slimline, compact offering will not let you down.

Size Matters

The Grovemade Tan Compact Bifold Leather Wallet is 30% smaller than traditional sized bifolds and this is important because we don’t want to be weighed down by our wallets today and, given the fact we don’t typically carry around as much pocket detritus as we used to, this is something that is very much welcomed.


Stylish to look at and functional in the extreme, this super cool bifold wallet from Grovemade will make the perfect cornerstone for your EDC collection and it is both durable and impeccably crafted so will last for years to come. This cracking wallet boasts some mighty impressive features that help to set it apart from the competition and this includes the fact that each wallet is composed of a single piece of leather that’s been folded to deliver its striking, slim silhouette.


Another standout feature of this Grovemade wallet is the fact that all the sewing has been carried out by the skilled hands of master Japanese leather goods maker Yonezawa Leather and the quality that this delivers both aesthetically and in terms of performance speaks for itself.

Delicious Design

Design is something that Grovemade always take incredibly seriously and they’ve paid close attention to it for their Bifold Wallet because it manages to deliver all the functionality of a traditionally sized wallet but does so whilst maintaining a minimalist profile and visual appeal. The compact dimensions cut down on your pocket clutter and give you quick and easy access to your most commonly used card as well as room for some folding money to boot.


We love our everyday carry here at Coolector HQ and Grovemade are one of the finest proponents of this out there – a fact which is born out when you lay eyes on this exceptional Bifold Wallet. If you’re on the hunt for a top notch accessories gift this Christmas or just looking to enhance your own wallet, then this will not disappoint.

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