Smith & Cox Beard Grooming Kit

Whilst Movember is well and truly in the rear view mirror now, the facial hair that was grown may not be for a lot of men so there will be plenty on the hunt for a selection of men’s grooming products to keep their bushy beards and moustaches in check. If you want something that provides everything you need under one roof, look no further than this excellent Smith & Cox Beard Grooming Kit which boasts all the different elements you require to keep your beard looking top notch.


Smith & Cox are a Utah based purveyor of men’s grooming essentials and their first rate Beard Grooming Kit is a fine example of the attention to detail that they put into their products and the quality materials that set their grooming supplies apart. For any man currently sporting a beard that wants to carry out some routine maintenance, this cracking little kit will be the perfect place to start.

Beard Taming

Keeping a beard looking presentable is something that is invariably much easier said than done and their unkempt side will always put in an appearance when you least expect it so it’s a good idea to have a solution like this great Smith & Cox Beard Grooming Kit on hand to keep it under control.



Within this wonderfully conceived and put together Beard Grooming Kit from Smith & Cox you’ll find all manner of kit and grooming essentials that will ensure your beard looks the part. These include scissors for tackling an unruly beard stragglers, a moustache comb for keeping that upper lip orderly and a beard balm which is crafted from rejuvenating oils and bees wax to give your beard that sheen that looks so great.


Whilst beard growing is something lamentably problematic for us at Coolector HQ, there are plenty of other men this Christmas who are blessed with a beard and who would love to see this smashing Smith & Cox Beard Grooming Kit under their Christmas tree. With a great design and branding behind the products, it’s a superb looking collection of wares and one that will serve the dual purpose of making your beard look on point and added to the aesthetic appeal of your dopp kit in the process.

Well Made Wares

When it comes to men’s grooming products, you want to ensure that the products are well made and make use of the very best materials and this is something that you’ll be happy to see with the brilliant Smith & Cox Beard Grooming Kit. The kit itself has been designed with the intention of promoting traditional beard grooming techniques so if you want your beard to look its best, having one of these spiffing kits in your bathroom is a good place to start.


Striking design coupled with impeccable products within the kit make this magnificent offering from Smith & Cox either a first rate Christmas present or the ideal means of treating yourself this festive period of you’re wanting to avoid being mistaken for Santa and need to get the beard in check following No Shave November.

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