Grovemade Walnut Keyboard Tray

We’re all about an ordered workspace here at Coolector HQ (in theory, of course, in reality our desks are horrendously disorganised) and we very much keep an eye out for any pieces of design that will help us make our work areas considerably more streamlined and conducive to work. With that in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why this awesome looking Grovemade Walnut Keyboard Tray has caught our eye and its superb space-saving capabilities will doubtlessly appeal to those who abhor desk detritus.

Grovemade are a Portland based purveyor of wooden goods and they are no strangers to the pages of The Coolector because they consistently produce all manner of striking, stylish and functional goods tailored towards the array of gadgetry that today’s modern man typically owns and this Walnut Keyboard Tray maintains their record of crafting intuitive and highly useful items. It boasts a wonderfully sleek design and is crafted from natural, black walnut in Grovemade’s Oregon workshop and has sufficient storage underneath your keyboard for keeping all those little bits and pieces that typically clutter a desk out of sight.

With a layer of aluminium to reinforce the bottom of the tray, it has rooms for business cards, pens, batteries and all those other little items that you invariably need from time to time but don’t want making your desk look untidy. Take a look at a few shots of this devilishly dapper storage solution below:

grovemade-walnut-desk-collection-group-galb-B1_1_800x800_90 walnut-desk-collection-keyboard-gal-C1_600x600_90 grovemade-walnut-desk-collection-keyboard-galb-B1_800x800_90

Storage solutions need to do more than just store things in our mind and that’s why this offering from Grovemade is such a stand out piece for us here at Coolector HQ and for those of you who have a desk that could do with a bit of sprucing up, this will tick all the right boxes and we’re always big fans of new offerings from this first class pedlar of wooden goods and the Walnut Keyboard Tray is no exception. A superior product for hiding away unnecessary workspace waste.

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