Architee T-Shirts

Architecture is in our blood here at Coolector HQ so we will invariably gravitate towards items with design leanings which brings us nicely onto this awesome collection of architecture themed T-shirts from Architee which will unequivocally appeal to these of a similar mindset. If you’ve a love of brilliant designs and clever buildings, these superb looking tees will doubtlessly make a welcome addition to your winter wardrobe.

Architee is a brand set up by New Zealand native, Carlos McCoy, who, like us at The Coolector, boasts an architect father who was the catalyst for the creation of this overly spiffing tees. The architecturally inspired prints on these simple but effective T-shirts are striking to say the least and will add an effortless cool to your accumulation of apparel.

With the eye-catching, iconic architectural sketches on show its difficult not to be won over by this superb collection of T-shirts and we here at The Coolector are definitely hoping that McCoy continues to add more and more design options to his ever growing roster of tees. Design themed items are invariably amongst our favourites and the top notch offerings from Architee are certainly no exception.

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