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We take our workspace pretty seriously here at The Coolector and we’re always on the lookout for new accessories and pieces of design which can be implemented to ramp up its awesomeness and we’ve found a minimalistic belter in the form of this Grph Light from Massess that will add a touch of lighting class to your desk and bring new ambience to your computer workspace that will help enhance your overall productivity.

Massess are a design studio operating out of Los Angeles, California, and they design and craft understated wares and are guided by a philosophical approach to redefine objects and the meaning they have. They boast an exceptional attention to detail in their designs and take inspiration from simplicity and  they are passionate about quality – something which is clear from their excellent looking Grph Light, which will expertly compliment a minimalist, creative workspace.

Streamline Your Space

Having a messy, disordered workspace can be highly detrimental to productivity and it’s important to find designs and accessories which are conducive to streamlining your area and making for a more ordered way of working. The Grph Light is one such piece of design and for those of you with a penchant for all things minimalist and understated, it is certainly going to tick plenty of the right boxes in this regard too.

The Grph Light from Massess has the overriding objective to declutter your workspace and this attractive piece of design is a minimalist light which has been carefully conceived specifically for use with every creative’s go-to computer, the iMac. It will fit on all new iMac models since those released in 2012 and the Grph Light commingles functionality with purpose driven design to deliver an unparalleled upgrade on your current workspace lighting set-up.

It is USB powered and incredibly straightforward to implement, not to mention thoughtfully resolved. The Grph Light from Massess is a first class of old-school woodworking meeting contemporary technology and the end result is a real treat on the eyes. Each one has a precision milled oak body which houses dimmable touch controls to adjust 6 powerful LEDs that output 100 lumen to ensure you get exactly the right level of lighting for your workspace and an attractive, understated addition to your iMac.

Handcrafted Excellence

There is a lot to be said for those design studios that take the time to handcraft each of their products and Massess in Los Angeles make each one of these superb looking Grph Lights to order so they make take a little longer to arrive than the norm but the quality on offer ensures that they are definitely worth the wait.

If you’ve got an iMac and a workspace that you’re looking to shed a little light on, this brilliant but devilishly simple piece of design from Massess is a great solution and you’ll add a whole new dimension to your desk with its excellent lighting capabilities. Wonderfully well crafted and inexpensive, there really is nothing not to like here.

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