La Falaise Bench & Sidetable

Furniture is unquestionably one of the most subjective forms of design and there are so many different styles and aesthetics on offer when it comes to kitting our your interiors but, for those with a love of the grandiose (not to mention deep pockets), we’ve just come across an extraordinary furniture designer by the name of Eduard Locota and there are few better examples of his impeccable design and crafting skills than the stunning La Falaise Bench and Sidetable.

Eduard Locota is a design studio that dares to be different and focuses on creating pieces with an unnatural embrace between marble, acrylic glass, wood or light and this leads to some truly remarkable designs that have to be seen to be believed and the breathtaking La Falaise Bench & Sidetable is chief amongst them. The beauty of the pieces from Locota is the fact that each product is completely unique and no two will ever be completely the same so if you’re demanding an air of exclusivity for your interiors, this is a design studio for you.

Stunning Craftsmanship

Extremely limited in nature, with just 15 being made, and no two being exactly alike, it’s pieces of furniture like this La Falaise Bench & Sidetable that will define an interior design endeavour and should be chosen as the statement piece intended to turn heads of all who see it – and given the €23k price tag, it’s going to have to be shown off as often as possible. This amazing and mesmerising piece of designer furniture from Eduard Locota boasts a radical experimentation with materials and delivers a visual impact quite unlike anything else we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ.

The La Falaise Bench & Sidetable from Eduard Locota has an almost primitive, ancient aesthetic that we’re loving and it has a natural inspiration which has formed a unique contrast to the humanly fabricated Roman column and this results in a highly striking and distinctive blend of contemporary design and an age-defying timelessness. You’ll be hard pressed to find a piece of furniture that makes more of a bold visual statement than this.

Certainly not a lightweight piece of furniture, weighing in at around 180KG, the La Falaise Bench & Sidetable lends itself to being placed in more or less any room in the home such is its versatility and unparalleled style. It evokes a relentless, angry ocean crashing against the rocks with its clever use of materials and if you’ve got a yearning for the Deep Blue Sea and want pieces of furniture that reflect this, you’ll be in your element with this glorious piece of design from Locota.

Bold, Robust Furniture

We’ve got pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to furniture here at Coolector HQ and will love minimalist offerings one minute and pine for eye-catching, vibrant pieces the next and whilst this La Falaise Bench & Sidetable certainly falls into the latter bracket, it does have a certain sense of serenity and peacefulness to it courtesy of the ocean vibes it positively exudes through the materials used, which are a mix of Jesmonite and Acrylic glass.

For any homeowner on the lookout for their next piece of statement furniture and who really want to push the boat out from a visual point of view, the La Falaise Bench & Sidetable is going to be ticking plenty of the right boxes. Robust and beautifully crafted and with a genuine sense of exclusivity that comes from knowing you’re the owner of just one of fifteen being made, we’re sure these amazing constructs will fly out of Locota’s workshop.

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