Moov Fitness Device

Keeping fit is something that takes a good deal of dedication and hard work and it’s often difficult to find the motivation and drive and many will need a little assistance in helping drive them towards their fitness goals. For those people (us included) there is a great looking new piece of technology that goes by the name of the Moov Fitness Device which might just be the answer to your health and fitness prayers.

The Moov Fitness Device is one part personal trainer and one part physical activity tracker to combine into the ultimate fitness device that will not only track how well you are doing from a performance point of view but also set goals and motivate you to reach new heights – something that many will often fail to achieve of their own volition.

With its capacity to actually interact with you in real time, the Moov Fitness Device seems a cut above many of the current fitness gadgets on the market currently and it’s certainly left us impressed here at Coolector HQ. By setting you challenges and showing exactly what you’re doing well, it will help compel you to make the most of your exertions for a fitter, healthier you. It boasts 9-axis motion sensors to really track your movements precisely to help prevent injuries and maximise performance. Check out a few more shots of the Moov device below:




Using a companion app and Bluetooth connection, the Moov Fitness Device might be your greatest ally in finally keeping that New Year’s resolution to keep fit this year. The device is currently accepting pre-orders at a reduced price so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen with this impressive looking piece of kit, you will need to move quickly to secure yours.

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