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If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times here at The Coolector – Kickstarter is home to some of the best new watch brands and for any man who likes to regularly add new timepieces to their wrists, it should definitely be one of your first ports of call. It’s because of brands like Gusard, who have just launched on the platform, that we’re of this opinion and their flagship offering is as affordable as it is stylish. A real win, win in our book.

These luxury Swiss movement watches are designed in Paris and each watch comes with empowering quotes to help bring you confidence throughout your day to day. It’s heartening to see watches that are able to couple excellent design with an empowering message and that’s exactly what you get with these superb looking Gusard Watches on Kickstarter. Their super early bird pricing of just €129 is ridiculously good value for money for timepieces of this calibre so make sure you move quickly and don’t miss out on this one.

Made For The Brave

If you’ve got a fearless mindset and a love of finely crafted watches, Gusard’s campaign on Kickstarter needs to be well and truly on your radar. It’s not just about designing watches for Gusard – they wanted to create something that inspires the wearer and encourages them to get the most of their daily interactions and adventures.

The Gusard Watches on Kickstarter (from €129) come with engraved quotes on the caseback which helps to set them apart from the competition and make them a constant source of inspiration throughout your day. With quotes from the likes of Muhammad Ali, Abraham Lincoln and Marcus Aurelius, you’re sure to find a quote that tallies with your own sensibilities.

Boasting a Swiss Ronda movement and fine Italian leather, there is a tangible sense of quality to these watches from Gusard that belies their immensely affordable price tag. Some of the other stand out features of these classy watches include the hour index designs which feature strong diamond cut stainless steel, grade 316 Stainless steel casing, which is well-known for it’s corrosion-resistance and robust properties.

French Fancy

Gusard Watches are designed by the famous Parisian designer, Damien Fourgeaud, and there is a real air of luxury to them which makes their affordability on Kickstarter all the more rewarding. He draws his inspiration from the geometry of the Eiffel Tower and the iconic aesthetic of Paris – the City of Lights.

For anyone after a minimalistic, inspiring timepiece for their wrist, Gusard Watches on Kickstarter should be one of your first ports of call. With prices starting at as little as €129, you’re getting an awful lot of bang for your buck here. Available in a number of different styles and colours, you’re sure to find one that fits in with your own style aesthetic. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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