Fantom R Wallets

Wallets are something that more or less every man has and they are, in our opinion here at The Coolector, a cornerstone of any EDC line up given they’re something which we use day in day out. With that in mind, it certainly pays to put some considerable thought and attention into your next wallet purchase and, if you value performance, style and robustness, you’ll not find a better candidate to fill the role of your next wallet than the Fantom R Wallet. A perfect combination of unbeatable aesthetics and a versatile, functional performance.

Fantom are a newcomer to our radar of the best wallet brands here at Coolector HQ but, based on the quality of their R Wallets alone (which we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on), they have already rapidly propel themselves to the top table. We love the juxtaposition of materials used in their wallets – something which really makes them stand out from the competition and for anyone seeking a new wallet this Fall, you’ll not go wrong with one of these stunners from Fantom. Available in a whole host of different colourways and with prices starting at $94 (for their 4-7 card version), what’s not to like?

Material Matters

One of the stand out elements of the Fantom R Wallets is the fact that you can pick from such a great array of materials to fit in with your own EDC line up. Our personal favourite here at The Coolector is definitely the Brown Dot Leather version but there are plenty of other fantastic ones to choose from such as the Carbon Fibre, Bamboo and Walnut versions of the wallet. You can also choose a wallet to tally with how many cards you have going from four all the way up to thirteen cards.

The Fantom R Wallets (from $94) provide instant access to all your cards and lets you grab the card you need with a quick flip of the lever. With the quick draw slot you can instantly pull out the top card with your thumb. It’s this sort of functionality that we’ve been craving for some time from a wallet and the guys at Fantom have delivered it with some considerable aplomb with this R series of wallets.

The ceramic-coated aluminium chassis of the R Wallets from Fantom combines durability with unparalleled luxury to deliver the ultimate thin RFID wallet that will be right by your side for all your adventures and day to day exploits. The slim and stylish profile of these wallets are sure to resonate with the sensibilities of today’s contemporary man and their first class performance is matched by their air of aesthetic superiority over other wallets and accessories on the market right now.

Streamlined Design

Beautifully conceived and crafted, the R Wallets from Fantom are only 0.35′ (9mm) thick which won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your pocket which, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be mighty thankful for. These ace looking wallets are so slim, it’s hard to notice it in your pocket at all so if you’re a fan of minimalism from your EDC, look no further. As a RFID aluminium wallet, the Fantom R is designed to keep your personal information safe and secure. The aluminium chassis ensures an unmatched RFID signal protection and once the lever is pulled, the bottom card will be ready to tap for contactless payments.

Another great feature of the R Wallet is the titanium money clip which lets you store your bills securely. The clip comes sandblasted in its natural colour or in a range of exciting colours! There are an array of modular add-ons that you can get for your wallet as well to truly make it fit in perfectly with your lifestyle and EDC line up. With prices starting at $94 and a visual impact like no other….what are you waiting for?

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