Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Fridge

We all need beers, that’s a given. But just how cooly your store said beers will speak volumes about the man and that, sir, is why we here Coolector HQ are planning to keep our brews frosty in one of these awesome looking Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Fridge from Think Geek.

This cracking looking construct recreates one of the most memorable scenes from the movies and if, like us, you’re a bit of a Star Wars fiend, you’re definitely going to join us in wanting this brilliant bit of kit taking pride of place in your workspace.

Somewhat fantastically, this Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Fridge doesn’t just keep your stuff cold, it can also warm it up as well. With space for up to 18 cans of your favourite craft beer, this is a super cool nod to Star Wars and one that we’re hoping to get our hands on soon. Check out a few more shots below:

1caf_han_solo_fridge_glowing 1caf_han_solo_fridge_inside 1caf_han_solo_fridge

For anyone who isn’t currently happy with the ease of access to the craft beers, we’re onto an absolute winner here with this Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Fridge from Think Geekand though it’s not cheap, it’s certainly awesome and the perfect gift for any beer loving Star Wars fan.

Price: $149

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