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When it comes to watchmaking, releasing a pre-planned series of watches over a number of years may seem like an ambitious project but this is something that W.T Author have taken well and truly in their stride and their latest in the series is called the No 1914 and boasts a WWI theme that will appeal to those watch aficionados who like their timepieces to have a military flavour.

The No. 1914 is set nine years after W.T Author’s first offering, the No. 1905, this beautifully crafted watch undoubtedly appeals to our vintage sensibilities at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that there will be plenty of like-minded horology fans out there who form the same opinion of this timepiece’s appeal. With a design that draws from the watches our troops wore in the trenches at a time when digging around for a pocket watch would be folly, the No. 1914 definitely evokes war-time memories and is a wonderful nod to all those soldiers who gave their lives for our country.

W.T. Author are newcomers to the watchmaking world in the grand scheme of things but when you judge them on the quality of their wares, they undoubtedly come up trumps and for those men after a series of watches with a touch of gravitas and no shortage of design excellence, they will not disappoint. The No. 1914 timepiece has a multitude of features that will make it appeal and these include a Swiss-made 513S calibre movement, stainless steel case, trademarked signature red crown and available in four different colourways to suit your own particular style tastes. Check out some more shots of the W.T Author No. 1914 Watch below:




The military overtones with these decidedly spiffing watches is plain to see and if that’s the type of aesthetic that appeals to you when it comes to your timepieces, the World War One inspired W.T Author No. 1914 Watch will be the ideal choice for you. We’re massive fans of the bold design choices with these exquisitely crafted timepieces and we’re sure that it will find an eager audience amongst watch fans the world over.

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