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Heritage in watchmaking certainly goes a long way but you need to respect said tradition and continue to produce top quality timepieces and not rest on one’s reputation alone and that’s definitely a compliment which can be paid to Hanhart Watches. Having been around since 1882, Hanhart Watches are definitely no newcomer to the world of horology and they’ve established a reputation based upon the quality of their wares that puts them on the top table of watchmaking and, though they’re not a brand with which we’re overly familiar here at Coolector HQ, we’ve been left supremely impressed with the top notch nature of their latest wristwatch offerings.

The overriding objective with Hanhart Watches is to couple precision engineering with unique design and, having taken a look at some of their latest timepieces, these certainly seems to be an objective they are accomplishing with aplomb. Precision and reliability are both characteristics synonymous with Hanhart watches and they boast a diverse aesthetic amongst their different collections that will appeal to those who like their watches vintage / classic in design and also to those who prefer their timepieces to have a more automotive edge.

Hanhart Watches are designed, developed and produced in Gütenbach, in the Black Forest region of Germany and they offer both exceptional visual appeal and eye-catching specifications that will keep timepiece aficionados happy. Take a look at a few more of the stunning Hanhart Watches that you can get your hands on in 2015 below:

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Racing style watches are right up our street at The Coolector and the German watchmakers Hanhart are undoubtedly amongst the finest purveyors of this style of wristwatch that we’ve come across of late. Rugged, functional, stylish and boasting top of the range components, there is much to admire with the spectacular watches from Hanhart and if you’re in the market for a new timepiece in 2015 and you’ve a hankering for an automotive style accessory upon your wrist, you really need look no further.

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