Hard Graft 2UNFOLD LAPTOP BAG in Neutral

Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to the accessories from Hard Graft and their first class materials and expert craftsmanship always leave us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ and that’s particularly the case with this stunning Hard Graft 2Unfold Laptop Bag in Neutral that boasts the sort of stealthy aesthetic we favour along with more functionality and storage than you can shake a stick at.

The Hard Graft 2Unfold Laptop Bag in Neutral is a real sight to behold and looks like one of the coolest carries to date from one of our favourite accessories brands here at The Coolector. This magnificent looking laptop bag will put to an end your search for the perfect means of porting about your tech in 2018 and it is so much more than just a carry for your laptop, it has the versatility to be used for a vast array of occasions.

Slimline, Versatile Solution

For those of you looking for a streamlined, stylish and highly functional carry for all your tech and assorted accessories in 2018, this 2Unfold Laptop Bag from Hard Graft is going to be tough to beat. It boasts exceptional, hand made craftsmanship from Italian artisans and this is simply the sort of quality that you seldom see in bags and accessories these days. This magnificently stylish offering from Hard Graft also has exceptional materials used throughout its manufacture.

The Hard Graft 2Unfold Laptop Bag in Neutral is very much to our particular design tastes here at The Coolector and such is its attractive aesthetic, it’s hard not to be won over by its visual charms. This first class accessory from top notch accessories pedlars, Hard Graft, is the bag you’ve been waiting for and whilst it’s far from cheap, it’s quality speaks for itself. Crafted from 100% wool felt from Germany (on the inside) and 100% vegetable tanned leather from Italy on the outside, this superb carry simply feels expensive and has the sort of tangible quality we’ve come to expect from the brand.

Laptop bags are a difficult proposition to get right a lot of the time because they seldom combine style and functionality but that’s certainly not a criticism that can be levelled at this devilishly dapper 2Unfold Laptop Bag from Hard Graft. Stylish, versatile and made from superb materials, this is the sort of bag you’ll want to pass from one generation to the next and will be reaching for every day when you head out of the door.

Well Proportioned

With proportions that are designed to be as versatile as possible – you can easily carry up to a 17” laptop and more in the Hard Graft 2Unfold and it can also be used as a day to day briefcase, shoulder bag or backpack. Additionally, this fantastic accessory can also be folded in half to turn it into a messenger bag or folio style bag where it carry a 13” laptop and all your day to day essentials.

Hard Graft have featured on the pages of The Coolector many a time now and we never grow weary of their new releases because of their unwavering attention to detail in their designs and their never ending pursuit of excellence with all the accessories they release. The 2Unfold Laptop Bag in Neutral is no exception and for any man after the ultimate carry for their tech in 2018, this one certainly sits at the top table in our opinion.

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