Hard Graft Camera Case

As keen photographers here at The Coolector, we gravitate towards awesome accessories that coincide with our love of cameras and taking pictures and we’ve definitely got something that fits the bill in the form of this superbly stylish Hard Graft Camera Case. Needless to say, most will use their smartphones to capture their day to day photos but for those occasions when your phone doesn’t cut the mustard and you need to bust out the more beefy photography hardware, you’re going to need something dapper to carry it in and this, sir, is exactly that.

Wonderfully designed, this Hard Graft Box Camera Case is made from a single piece of leather and gives your camera a visual appeal that it will surely approve of. With soft felt innards to help protect the most delicate of cameras, this spiffing example of a camera carry is definitely right up The Coolector’s street. Purpose designed to carry a variety of SLR cameras, this eye-catching offering from this wonderful purveyors of fine leather accessories, will definitely tick all of the right boxes from a functionality and visual perspective. The idea of this Camera Case from Hard Graft is to minimalise the bulky nature of carrying an SLR whilst ensuring that it has all the protection that it requires and, I think we can all agree, it certainly appears to achieve this objective admirably. Take a look at the Hard Graft Camera Case in action below:


Price: £358

Available: HERE.

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