Materia Bikes

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes but, generally speaking, you can expect the materials used in their construction to remain more or less the same but not so with Materia Bikes which boast some of the most striking and coolest looking wooden steeds¬†you’re likely to come across. Dripping in aesthetic awesomeness and offering an unparalleled performance, these bikes are a great choice for those looking for a stand out contraption in 2018.

Materia Bikes take their designs seriously and rigorously test their contraptions to ensure they excel in both the performance and safety departments. Aesthetically superior and boasting the sort of visual uniqueness that is sure to make them appeal, these are the perfect choice of bike for anyone who wants to really make their mark with their choice of bicycle. Available in a number of different styles and materials, you’re sure to find the ideal one for your style persuasions.

Wooden Wonders

Timelessly stylish and high performing, the bikes from Materia are instantly recognisable courtesy of their impressive wooden frames and sleek, elegant designs. These cracking contraptions combine sophisticated design elements with a desire to deliver exceptional comfort whilst riding and they achieve both these objectives with some considerable aplomb. Painfully cool and cleverly constructed, these bikes are the sorts of rides that turn heads aplenty whenever you get on the saddle.

Materia Bikes are born from a spirit for adventure and this shines through in both their appearance and their capabilities out on the road. Available in a number of different styles and woods, you’ll definitely be left impressed with the wealth of options available to you when it comes to picking the perfect ride for your style and requirements. These super cool bikes are right up our street at The Coolector and their stand out nature is impossible to ignore.

Picking a bike that’s right for you can be quite problematic when it comes to combining all the different elements that are needed to deliver your perfect ride. Built with a spirit of adventure in mind, these Materia Bikes a vast array of woods to choose from including walnut, ash, redwood and cherry so regardless of the sort of visual impact that you’re looking for from your steed, there will be something that delivers here.

Ride In Style

These glorious hand crafted bikes from Materia are available across North America and, given their bespoke and unique nature and design, you’ll not be surprised to hear that they don’t come cheap but, as is always the case, you get what you pay for and these bikes will last the pace and turn heads everywhere you go.

For any man looking for a really cool new bike in 2018, Materia have got plenty of options to choose from and whilst they may cost a little more than the norm, it’s worth it to get a bicycle as eye-catching as this as one of your primary modes of transportation. Expertly crafted and cool as they come, there aren’t many bikes that will fit the bill of the style conscious than these beauties.

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