Every once in a while, something comes along that makes The Coolector sit up and take notice and we’ve definitely got one such example of this feat on our hands in the form of this mightily impressive device that goes by the name of Nymi – in you can catch it in action in the eye-opening video above.

Nymi is a truly extraordinary piece of kit that uses your own unique cardiac rhythm and thereby take control of your home, smartphone, car, computer (and much more besides) via a simple and unimposing band worn on your wrist. Your Nymi device will begin interacting with your array of devices the moment that you wake up in the morning and the creators of device aim to make your day to day life much more straightforward by producing a smart password and key-free environment that can be used to unlock your car in the morning commuter and your computer when you arrive at work. The options are, seemingly, limitless.

Needless to say, you are likely thinking “Is Nymi secure?” and, quite frankly, that’s exactly what we here at The Coolector were thinking too. Well, it certainly appears to be plenty secure and the inventors state that the device functions on a 3-factor security system – prinicipally, your own unique heart-rhythm and an smartphone installed app authenticating your identity.

The Nymi device is the work of Bionym Inc. – an industry leader in biometric identification technology and, it’s fair to say, excitement around Coolector HQ is pretty high about this genuinely revolutionary looking app. Check out some product shots and images of Nymi below:


Price: $79

Available for Pre-order: Getnymi.com

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