Hard Graft Coal Pop Up Camera Case

Spring and summer are the best time of year to head out into the wild and great outdoors to capture some first class photography and if you’re looking for the ideal accessory for carrying your camera and keeping it safe, you might just have found it in the shape of this brilliant looking Coal Pop Up Camera Case from Coolector regulars, Hard Graft. Just as classy as we’ve come to expect from this top notch accessory brand, the Pop Up Camera Case will see you adventuring in style and capturing some excellent photography to boot.

Camera cases are an important part of any keen photographer’s gear line up but it’s not every day you come across one quite as classy and well made as the Hard Graft Coal Pop Up Camera Case. With a price tag of €390, it’s fair to say you’d expect considerable quality from this accessory and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. As with all the wares from Hard Graft, it is a small batch production which places the emphasis firmly on quality over quantity and this will be your go-to means for carrying your camera whilst on adventures for years to come.

Well Made Wares

We’ve been featuring the fantastic goods of Hard Graft on the pages of The Coolector for years now and we never tire of their desire to create high quality accessories which prioritise materials and traditional craftsmanship above all else and this Coal Pop Up Camera Case is certainly no exception. This excellent accessory has a design that Hard Graft are rightly proud of and offers an impressive level of innovation because this camera case folds flat when shooting and takes priority over storage.

The Hard Graft Coal Pop Up Camera Case (€390) boasts wool and leather fully adjustable strap which will stay attached to your camera so you can really focus on the frame and the shot you’re taking while the folded case simply takes a break in your pocket. When you’ve finished capturing the perfect shot, you can effortlessly pop the origami style case back into shape and keep your camera safe and protected inside the luxurious leather.

It is clear to see that Hard Graft have a love of photography and adventure and this shines through in the design and choice of materials witnessed with the Coal Pop Up Camera Case. It is crafted from vegetable tanned leather which is wonderfully unique and taken from one piece to another which matures gradually over time. The natural surface structure reveals creases, wrinkles and little imperfections that adds to the character of the products they create. The skin is tanned in age old wooden barrels with tree bark, chestnut and mimosa and this really is some of the finest leather you’ll find in the accessories market.

Quality Camera Wares

There aren’t many brands out there who make camera accessories quite as luxurious as the guys at Hard Graft and there is no better example of this than the supremely dapper Coal Pop Up Camera Case. It is a great choice for a Leica M, Leica Q and similar size cameras, with the inside measurements being 13.5 X 12.5 X H 7.5CM / 5.3” x 5” x 3”. When the bag is in its folded position, the total size is a mere 15.5 x 11.5 x 3cm.

With a price tag of €390, it’s obviously not the cheapest camera case on the market but the Hard Graft Coal Pop Up Camera Case is certainly amongst the classiest and best made. It has a soft nappa leather interior with an internal support system which is padded in all the right places in order to ensure your camera is properly cushioned and protected at all times. The fit is also capable of adapting to the size of your lens.

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