Hard Graft iPhone 6 Accessories

Whenever a new piece of technology hits the market, many people’s first port of call will be Hard Graft due to the abundance of excellent accessories that they typically release to coincide with the launch of the latest piece of gadgetry and with the emergence of the iPhone 6, this is no exception.

As you might expect, these skilled artisans have crafted some really eye-catching accessories to house the iPhone 6 and, as is always the case with Hard Graft, the finished product is a delight to look at. If you’re planning on getting your hands on Apple’s latest offering and want some great looking accessories to make the smartphone stand out even more, these brilliant cases and pouches from Hard Graft will undoubtedly fit the bill.

The London based brand have garnered a reputation for producing luxurious accessories for all manner of technology and they’ve gone to town with their iPhone 6 offerings if the images below are anything to go by:






Offering a range of accessories to cater to the two different size of iPhone 6 available on the market, this cracking collection of accessories from Hard Graft will be the ideal ally for your new smartphone and we’re definitely impressed with the luxurious nature of their finish and visual appeal here at Coolector HQ.

These supremely dapper offerings are crafted from premium, vegetable-tanned Italian leather and, in some cases, a heavy wool felt, there is a distinct suaveness to these accessories that will appeal to those who want to give their new smartphone a cool and luxurious new home. Hard Graft are perennial providers of awesomeness and these iPhone 6 cases and covers are no exception so if you’ve recently updated your smartphone to Apple’s impressive new device, these definitely won’t let you down.

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