Hard Graft Offhand Shoulder Bag

When heading on weekend breaks or short trips away, it can be quite problematic to find the perfect sized carry for the occasion but we think we’ve just come across the ideal choice in the shape of this supremely dapper Offhand Shoulder Bag from Coolector HQ favourites, Hard Graft. Stylish to a fault, this stunning accessory really will give you all the space you need and more to carry all your essentials for a weekend trip or your commuting necessities day in, day out.

Priced at £1205, the Hard Graft Offhand Shoulder Bag doesn’t come cheap but you’re getting an accessory that is a cut above the competition in the style and performance department. This eye-catching carry from Hard Graft comes in a pleasing and stealthy looking Coal colour way that will turn heads and stand up to daily use in equal measure. This is yet another timeless, well-made and highly resourceful accessory from Hard Graft and is one of their most attractive bags to date.

Shouldering the Weight

Cleverly designed to offer plenty of storage for all your essentials but not to weigh you down too much with a full load, the Hard Graft Offhand Shoulder Bag is a real all-rounder. Casual from an aesthetic perspective but luxurious in the extreme, this fantastic accessory from Hard Graft is definitely ticking our boxes here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure there will be plenty of men eyeing this up as their next weekender.

The Hard Graft Offhand Shoulder Bag in Coal (£1205) is a bag that doesn’t fit into any one category. The best way of summing it up would be to call it a soft messenger / holdall hybrid. It’s anything and everything you want it to be and will always be by your side and ready to freestyle for whatever adventure you’ve got planned. As is always the case with Hard Graft goods, the calibre of the craftsmanship is exemplary and will elevate the appeal of this majestic looking carry still further.

Whether it’s adventure or the daily grind of your work routine, this first class carry fits a good set of clothes or your folders and laptop without any trouble at all. If you’re the sort of man that believes that life is too short to plan every minute and want a bag that is always ready to go, this is the one for you. Perfect for going off-grid and letting your heart show you the best path for adventure and life experiences.

Plenty To Set It Apart

It is the little touches which often sets the products from Hard Graft apart and the Offhand Shoulder Bag is no exception. It is a soft full leather holdall-messenger hybrid which has been wonderfully well crafted from vegetable tanned leather and the dimensions are 58X 33X 18CM which is more than enough space for all your essentials. Outstanding simplicity is the order of the day with the Offhand Shoulder Bag and on the outside you’ll find a detailed composition and, within, three inside pockets (one large, two small) made from rich tan leather.

Reassuringly expensive, the Offhand Shoulder Bag from Hard Graft will be the sort of carry that is by your side for decades to come, getting better with age with each passing adventure adding to its character. Hand made in Italy with the very best materials which includes the beautiful wool blend lining in dark melange grey, it’s not hard to see why Hard Graft are really establishing themselves as a go-to luxury accessories brand for a lot of men.

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