NVD House

Not many houses can claim to have their own putting green on the roof but that’s exactly what you get with the NVD House in Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas Architects. This glorious piece of contemporary design will be any golf lover’s dream home courtesy of an array of neat design touches that really make it a breathtaking home overflowing with fantastic design features and an attention to the little details that is second to none.

The NVD House from Studio Arthus Casas is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and gives the fun-loving owners the opportunity to bathe in a cantilevered swimming pool or play golf on the roof. It is a three-storey home in the Brazilian city’s luxury golf course community, Quinta da Baroneza, which is also home to a wide array of lakes, forests, an equestrian centre and, last but not least, Brazil’s Atibaia River.

Area of Natural Beauty

Situated in some of Brazil’s most breathtaking surroundings, the NVD House is an instant jaw for its clever architectural touches, use of space and addition of quirky elements like the putting green on the roof. The grass roof covers a lot of the property, over the series of L and T-shaped volumes which have been clad in stone, glass and wood-like aluminium that all come together to create the vast 1,277-square-metre residence.

Lovers of contemporary architecture will be in their element with the NVD House from Arthur Casas Studio with its bold use of materials and engaging creation of space throughout the property. Arranged together, the geometric shapes of the home create cantilevers and lookout points across the property and this includes amazing private terraces from relaxing and unwinding, gardens, a rooftop that serves as a golf course, and an elevated swimming pool which has been decorated in muted but welcoming pale stones.

Making the most of the tropical setting, NVD House has been placed in a land with a native forest surrounding it in the interior of São Paulo, which has been distributed in a dynamic mix of volumes with great spans and cantilever to deliver the ultimate statement home for the owners. It has been designed as a weekend residence for a couple with their three children and the aim was to take advantage of the maximum integration between the ambiences and of the amplitude of the space.

Spacious Home

Though it’s only a holiday home for the owners, there is space aplenty in NVD House. It includes a master suite, office and three children’s bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on its top floor. In addition, you’ll find private balconies which have glass railings, and the L-shaped volume is clad in a wood-like aluminium skin to give the property a visually engaging edge. On the middle level of the home, is a cross-shaped floor that features an open-plan dining room and living room, complete with a fireplace.

Also to be found on the middle level of NVD House is a spacious covered outdoor living room with plenty of seating areas and a barbecue pit for entertaining and enjoying the wonderful weather. It joins a wooden deck and the pool and finishing off the ground floor layout is a four-car garage, bedrooms, a smaller sitting room, kitchen and a dining room with a glass wall. A stunning piece of contemporary architecture from Arthur Casas Studio.

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