Hard Graft Party Holdall Bag

By definition, a “holdall” bag should be capable of carrying the vast majority of your wares effortlessly but, truth be told, a lot of bags by this name are sadly lacking in the storage department. Not so the Hard Graft Party Holdall Bag which, quite frankly, looks almost big enough to fit your entire closet worth of clothes in it and, of course, boasts the customary style and impeccable craftsmanship of all Hard Graft goods.

The Hard Graft Party Holdall Bag is designed to be a relaxed and laid-back carry that is perfect for any occasion, whether this be a weekend trip away or for heading to the gym with all your gear in tow. It offers not just an impressive visual impact but also uses the finest materials to give it that tangible sense of quality which is entirely synonymous with all the various pieces of EDC and accessories that emerge from the Hard Graft stable.

Party On

With summer in full swing and the temperatures soaring, there can be few better uses for this Hard Graft Party Holdall Bag than filling it full of craft beer, towels, snacks and other essentials and heading to the beach. It has more internal storage space than you can shake a stick at and the quality materials used in its construction guarantee that it will withstand the rigours of day to day use in style.

The Hard Graft Party Holdall Bag isn’t the sort of bag you take to work with you – it’s destined for greater things than that – more fun, spontaneous things such as road trips, heading into the wild and weekend breaks away, anything but the mundanity of day to day work. Measuring 65cm x 48cm x 17cm, it’s clear to see this bag is no shrinking violet and packs an aesthetic punch courtesy of its substantial size but, more importantly, these dimensions make sure you can pack everything you want for your adventures and ensures nothing gets left behind.

With all sorts of great little design features inherent in this Party Holdall Bag from Hard Graft, it’s easy to see why it is rapidly becoming one of their most popular offerings. It is hand made in Italy and crafted from a mixture of stone washed cotton canvas and washed leather to deliver a dapperness that is off the scale. This cracking carry features a foldable, collapsable and expandable design alongside adjustable cotton webbing shoulder straps to make it a truly versatile and functional solution to all your adventure requirements.

A Bag For All Seasons

The beauty of the Hard Graft Party Holdall Bag lies in just how versatile it is and more or less regardless of the trip you’ve got planned, it will deliver the storage space you require for all you need to take. It has three large internal pockets for storing all your tech essentials and a deep external mesh pocket for any overflow of wares that you need to take with you on your trip.

For anyone with a love of well made, versatile accessories, Hard Graft should be sitting front and centre on your radar and this Party Holdall Bag is a fine example of their capabilities in producing carries of unparalleled style and performance. Superbly stylish and functional as they come, this bag is a must for any regular adventurer.

Price: $375

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