Tivoli Audio Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lantern

When heading into the wild on a camping trip or enjoying an evening cookout in your own backyard, two bits of tech that you’re likely to want to have to hand are a lantern and an awesome speaker for playing your favourite tunes. Well, you can kill two tech birds with one stone in the form of this super cool looking Tivoli Audio Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lantern which is bringer of both light and music.

The Tivoli Audio Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lantern does a first rate job of mixing light and sound and provides a highly functional and versatile device perfect for any summer adventures you’ve got left on your to do list. This cracking piece of kit is a limited edition clear frosted LED illuminated PAL BT, which is Tivoli’s most popular portable Bluetooth device. Ideally suited for almost any night time occasion, such as a few craft beers around the campfire, a rooftop get together or heading to the beach for some late night peace and quiet.

Let There Be Light

By mixing one of their most popular and well-regarded stereos with an excellent lighting accessory really does add to the overall functionality and usefulness of this top notch product. Each one of the Tivoli Audio Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lanterns is  carefully inspected before delivery and comes with its own limited edition number on the back of the unit so add to its sense of exclusivity.

The Tivoli Audio Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lantern lets you simply and effectively alter the brightness of the lighting with a twist of a knob so it’s quick and easy to get the good just as you want it with this great looking bit of tech. It has plenty of eye-catching design features which we’re loving here at Coolector HQ including a stylish leather carry handle which lets the bluetooth radio function as both a lantern and a speaker. It also has a reachargeable NiMH battery pack which, when fully charged, delivers  up to 16 hours of illuminated playback.

With a tagline of “music from anywhere” it’s plain to see that there is a lot of functionality to be found with the amazing Tivoli Audio Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lantern which lets you switch to the Bluetooth position in order to sync your Bluetooth-enabled smart devices and stream your favourite tunes wirelessly to the PAL BT GLO. You can also straightforwardly switch between AM or FM stations to listen to your favorite radio programmes.

Musical Marvel

The multi-functionality of this awesome device from Tivoli is a real string in its bow and for those of you that love your technology to offer as much versatility as possible, this ticks a lot of the right boxes. Not only can it be used just as a lantern or a stereo, it can really bring your adventures to life when you head out into the wild or enjoy a nighttime get together with friends.

As you’d expect from a Tivoli device, the Limited Edition PAL BT GLO Lantern has top class specifications and materials to ensure that it offers impeccable sound quality, an incredible amount of light for such a small device and a great level of durability that will ensure it withstands any adventures which you see fit to take it on in the coming months.

Price: £185

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