Hard Graft Old School Sneakers in Chalk White

As we’ve featured the wares of Hard Graft extensively on the pages of The Coolector, we’ve noticed the fact they are producing more and more apparel and footwear of late and this can only be a good thing because the quality of the goods that they produce really is second to none. The latest release to have caught our eye are these superb looking Old School Sneakers in Chalk White which come in both a low top and high top version so you’re sure to find one that matches your style requirements.

The Hard Graft Old School Sneakers in Chalk White are a mighty striking and well made piece of footwear and whether you opt for the low tops (£291) or the high tops (£307), you’re going to be getting a versatile and comfortable pair of sneakers which will be your go-to every time you head out the door. These classy looking sneakers from Hard Graft are going to go with more or less any outfit choice and the fantastic materials used in their creation provides a comfort and visual appeal that is beyond compare.

Comfort to the Fore

It is clear to see that Hard Graft really are prioritising comfort with their superb looking Old School Sneakers in Chalk White. This awesome footwear boasts impeccably soft Italian vegetable tanned calf-skin leather which effortlessly wraps around your foot with a sock-like construction that provides superb comfort which is supported by a rubber sole that has a speckled consistency and a teeth grip that ensures that you’ll be able to tackle all sorts of terrains in these brilliant sneakers from Hard Graft.

With a price tag between £291 and £307, the Hard Graft Old School Sneakers in Chalk White are far from the cheapest on the market but they do have a sense of tangible quality that is unparalleled. The insole of these striking sneakers has extra spongy comfort in the heel and your ankles will be surrounded with thick padding, which is also fully lined with calf-skin for that extra level of comfort for wearing day in, day out.

The beauty of the vegetable tanned leather that Hard Graft use comes from the fact it is beautifully unique from one piece to the next and will mature and develop its own patina gradually over time. The natural surface structure reveals creases, wrinkles and little imperfections and the skin is tanned in age old wooden barrels with tree bark, chestnut and mimosa. This provides the Hard Graft Old School Sneakers with such an immense quality that they will rapidly become the favourite pair in any sneakerhead’s line up of footwear.

A League of their Own

These first rate Old School Sneakers from Hard Graft are lightweight, agile and ridiculously comfortable, and each pair is expertly crafted in the brand’s workshop with those perfect imperfections which gives every pair unique down to earth aura completely of their own. They are artisan made with a human touch and this is Italian footwear so the sizes run ever so slightly large. If you’re a half size, choose a size down.

Definitely priced at the higher end of the spectrum so far as sneakers are concerned, it’s impossible to argue with the quality on offer here and the reason for the extra outlay. If you’re looking for a cornerstone pair of sneakers for your collection, the Hard Graft Old School Sneakers, whether they be the low tops or high tops, are definitely going to be ticking all of the right boxes.

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