The Artifox Standing Desk 02

We’re regularly told by those “in the know” that sitting all day at a desk is bad for your health and that a standing desk is a much healthier way of getting through your working day. Truth be told, however, we’ve all look upon those with standing desk accessories (on their regular desk) with a bit of derision and it’s clear that a more stylish looking solution is required. Enter the awesome Artifox Standing Desk 02 which, quite frankly, is an immeasurably cool piece of furniture in its own right but also boasts the added benefit of offering a more health friendly workspace.

The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is available in two different types of wood – namely, walnut and white oak – and prices start at a mighty reasonable $1150 for the plain “bone” edition of either wood type. Standing whilst you work is likely going to take a little getting used to but with the Artifox Standing Desk 02, you’re actually going to want to get used to it because this is such an effortlessly cool looking workspace that getting creative here will be a pleasure and not an imposition.

Stand to Deliver

One’s workspace should be as conducive to productivity as possible and standing will definitely be beneficial on this front because it can become all to easy to slump when sitting at a conventional desk but with the Artifox Standing Desk 02, slouching will become a thing of the past and you will be able to remain productive throughout the whole day. Boasting the sort of understated, minimalistic design that will fit in with any office aesthetic (whether this be in your own home or place of work), the Standing Desk 02 offers a versatile and good looking means of standing whilst you work.

The Artifox Standing Desk 02 (from $1150) has certainly captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and for anyone looking to make the leap from sitting to standing, it represents the coolest means of doing so. Wonderfully well designed and crafted, this eye-catching workspace from Artifox allows you to confidently keep all your monitors, laptops, speakers, and more safely on your desktop and it is easy to keep looking neat courtesy of great little design additions such as the hooks, dock and cable grids.

Crafted from walnut or white oak, which both offer impressive aesthetic appeal and durability, these immeasurably cool standing desks from Artifox are ideally suited to any creative individual who is looking for the perfect workspace for their daily endeavours. It offers all the necessary storage options for your tech and everyday carry and it’s easy to see why this first class piece of furniture has been one of the American workshop’s most popular to date.

Contemporary Cool

Artifox are known for their striking, stylish and contemporary pieces of furniture which will effortlessly integrate with any interior design aesthetic. The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is perfectly suited to those seeking a healthier way to work on a daily basis and who want to keep on their toes whilst being creative. Each desk has a built-in dock, cable grid, and compatibility with a range of ARTIFOX accessories. It pairs perfectly with a counter-height stool to easily move between sitting and standing positions.

With prices starting at just $1150, you’re getting a workspace that is tailor made for creativity with this Artifox Standing Desk 02 and you’ll love the increased sense of freedom and movement that it provides you over a more conventional seated workspace. Great design and aesthetics combine to make these standing desks from Artifox amongst the coolest on the market and we’re definitely tempted to make this our next place of work here at The Coolector.

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