Hard Graft Surround MacBook Thing

A “thing” might seem a strange name to give a product but, given the fact this excellent accessory from Hard Graft can’t really be pigeon-holed due to its versatility, makes it ideal. The Hard Graft Surround MacBook Thing will be your new best friend when it comes to porting your laptop around in style in the remainder of 2020 and beyond. As always, this is about as classy as it gets from an accessories perspective and will add a touch of class to any man’s EDC line up.

The Hard Graft Surround MacBook Thing has a pretty punchy price tag of £262 but if you’re serious about your accessories and want nothing but the best, this would be our top pick for laptop transportation here at Coolector HQ. Stylish, impeccably well crafted and pleasingly functional, it’s a real triple threat and it comes in two different colourways to suit your particular style persuasions.

Devilishly Dapper Accessories

Hard Graft are one of the best in the business when it comes to classy leather accessories and the Surround Macbook Thing is a fine example of this in action. It is timeless, well made and resourceful and will be the ideal addition to your tech-carry line up for after the lockdown comes to an end and you can actually leave your house with your laptop in tow once again.

The Hard Graft Surround MacBook Thing (£262) isn’t a laptop sleeve, it’s too slim for that, and Hard Graft don’t call it a folio (as it’s not big enough). So they named it the ‘Thing’ which seems pretty apt to be honest. You can place your laptop inside and it feels like a protective yet streamlined and slim wedge that slides into your bag and doesn’t weigh you down or take up too much space.

There are all sorts of first class features to be found with the Surround MacBook Thing from Hard Graft which help to set it apart from the competition and make it the prime candidate to be your next laptop carry. This includes the use of Italian washed leather which has a tangible sense of quality to the touch which is closed with a double snap leather folder flap.

Versatile Performer

Each one of these Hard Graft Surround MacBook Things is carefully crated in Italy and boasts a full width front zip pocket, leather edging and a smooth microsuede lining that will help protect your laptop from bumps and scrapes where your journeys take you. It offers a nice, snug fit for your MacBook and will turn heads aplenty everywhere you go such is its classy disposition.

Though the price tag of £262 might seem a lot on the face of things, when you hold this case for the first time and feel its unparalleled quality for yourself, it will become clear that it really is a cut above the competition. Extremely versatile and aesthetically superior, this is definitely our pick for MacBook transportation for after the lockdown.

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