New Frontier Orchid Tiny Home

Tiny homes are always something that capture our imagination here at Coolector HQ and there are few workshops crafting more eye-catching and expertly conceived offerings than that of New Frontier. This is something which is witnessed with one of the latest creations, the Orchid Tiny Home, which boasts eye-catching features throughout and, through the use of innovative design, really makes the most of the limited amount of space on offer.

The New Frontier Orchid Tiny Home is a breathtaking living space which is suitable for sleeping four people comfortably and boasts a plethora of cool design elements both inside and out. New Frontier are masters of their trade and have some thoroughly impressive builds under their belt of which the Orchid is certainly one of our favourites here at The Coolector – and with good reason.

Packed Full of Features

Given the small stature of the Orchid Tiny Home from New Frontier, there is certainly shortage of brilliant features to be found within which belie these dimensions. It has a front deck area for relaxing with a craft beer or two and a full size shower for washes the stresses and strains of the day away. There is nothing but the best materials used in the crafting of the Orchid Tiny Home and it really shines through in the finished product.

The Orchid Tiny Home from New Frontier is the ultimate in relaxing spaces and this is something which is achieved by the clever use of lighting throughout. It has received global acclaim for its use of dimmable, independently switched lighting that adds significantly to the ambience throughout. Skylights, clerestory windows and huge glass front wall give this tiny home a serene aesthetic both day and night.

Given the fact you can effortlessly sleep four people in the Orchid Tiny Home from New Frontier makes it a mighty versatile space that can be used in an array of different ways. It has a ground floor bed and a king loft which provides an extensive amount of space in which to catch forty winks. The bathroom of this tiny home is spacious, chic, and comfortable. The floating mirrors with LED valance lighting give extra dimension to this contemporary bathroom.

First Class Craftsmanship

It is clear to see that the quality of the craftsmanship from New Frontier that has gone into the Orchid Tiny Home is second to none and they have been crafting first class builds for over five years now. Everywhere you look with the design of the Orchid, there is some striking and innovative use of space and it really is impossible not to be impressed with what has been achieved in such a small amount of space.

For anyone looking for the ultimate in tiny living, this amazing Orchid Tiny Home from New Frontier is sure to tick all of the right boxes. Cleverly designed to make the most of the space and boasting high quality materials from top to bottom – what’s not to like?

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