Hard Graft Woolly Cube Tote

The humble tote is a very under appreciated accessory in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and there is definitely space in your accessories line up for one as cool as the Woolly Cube Tote from the guys at Hard Graft. Functional to the max with an abundant amount of storage space for all your daily essentials or shop purchases, this cracking carry has one of the most eye-catching aesthetics to boot to really make it stand out from the competition.

With some great design features and a real attention to detail in the crafting, it is clear to see that Hard Graft are rightly proud of their Woolly Cube Tote which is available for the princely sum of £377. This visually impactful accessory from Hard Graft is one of their most unusual to date and we’re loving it all the more for it here at The Coolector. This exemplary looking carry is timeless, well-made and resourceful and will be the first bag that you reach for whenever you’ve got a shopping trip planned.

Mammoth Performance

The Woolly Cube Tote from Hard Graft is an effortlessly simple carry that doesn’t try to be something its not and focuses on ensuring it offers you all the storage you need for your day to day requirements and has the good grace to look awesome whilst doing it. It’s a square, soft wooly bag which is every which way but loose. There is, quite simply, no wrong way to use this bag. Throw in your weekly shopping, skiing gear, multiple six packs of beer, whatever you need to carry – keep it fully open or close it up and keep your gear out of sight – it’s up to you.

Whilst the £377 price tag might be a little more than most would want to spend on a carry of this nature, the Woolly Cube Tote from Hard Graft makes sure that it’s money well spent. This is bag is for any and everything that you want to carry around on a daily basis and though it might not look it, it has a pretty rugged disposition that can put up with daily usage effortlessly. Unusually closed with magnets, that reminds us of the pre game pep talk – all magnets meeting in the centre and more than ready for the heavy lifting required.

Very generously sized at 30x30x30cm, it’s easy to see why the Hard Graft Woolly Cube Tote will be a mainstay of the accessories line up of many people out there because it has exceptional functionality that will give you more than enough storage space for all your shopping requirements. It closes with leather covered magnets and don’t even get us started on the material which is certainly one of Hard Graft’s most striking to date. It is an extremely unusual custom developed melange grey wool felt with the most interesting flecks in black and white.

Superior Interior

The Hard Graft Woolly Cube Tote is just as impressive on the inside as it is externally and it boasts dark grey wool lining which is finished off with super cool, black vegetable tanned leather that adds a touch of dapperness to proceedings. This is unquestionably a tote at the upper echelons of the spectrum and has the craftsmanship and materials to match its price tag just shy of £400.

Finding quality accessories is often a tricky task so when you find a brand like Hard Graft who produce some of the best in the businesses, chances are they’ll be getting some repeat business from you. If it’s a multi-functional and no-nonsense carry that you’re after this autumn, the Woolly Cube Tote is sure to more than fit the bill and we’re loving to see Hard Graft try out new designs every now and then.

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