SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch

Landing on the moon is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind and there are no shortage of things that celebrate this achievement. Watches in particular are heavily represented in this area but there are few quite as cool and eye-catching as the SVPER 11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This space inspired timepiece boasts an impressive 3D topographic face of the moon’s surface and serves as an excellent reminder of the accomplishments of over half a century ago.

The SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch on Kickstarter is available for the bargain price of around £155 during the campaign which is some 45% off the intended retail price. Inspired by the notion of achieving the impossible, this fantastically cool timepiece from SVPER11 is right up our space loving street here at Coolector HQ and if you’re looking for a watch for your wrist that is a little bit out of the ordinary from an aesthetic perspective, this is sure to be ticking plenty of the right boxes.

Space Oddity

There certainly aren’t many watches on the market with a dial quite as bold and visually appealing as the one on these SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watches on Kickstarter. Taking their design inspiration from the unparalleled achievements of the team behind the NASA moon landings, the team behind the SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch have really achieved something impressive themselves with this majestic looking timepiece that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector.

The SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch (£155) on Kickstarter is another fantastic example of the high calibre of timepiece that is to be found on the crowdfunding platform and it aims to capture and celebrate the achievements of NASA all those years ago. The casing is made of robust 316L stainless steel and it boasts subtle CNC’d branding of SVPER11 on the side which adds another first class visual element to the timepiece. The topography of the dial takes its inspiration from the NASA landing site of the Sea of Tranquility and will serve as a daily reminder of the exceptional achievements of humankind.

With an impressive Seiko movement made in Japan, the accuracy of the SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch won’t let you down but it is in its visuals that it really stands out of course. It has a highly unique 4-arm seconds hand that allows for a sweeping rotation style movement which is reminiscent of a radar in action. The crown of this top notch timepiece is inspired by the Apollo 11 spacesuit with a design which aims to reflect the oxygen valves witnessed on the front of the astronaut’s spacesuits in what is a super cool little design touch.

Strapping Design

Another great part of the design with the SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch can be seen with the strap. On the reverse side of the strap you’ll see the exact coordinates of the NASA landing site and this has been laser etched into the metal clasp and serves as a constant reminder of the fact man has set foot on another celestial body. The caseback is made from a technical ceramic which has an almost glowing property that really makes the timepiece stand out and it is unquestionably one of the coolest NASA inspired watches we’ve seen here at The Coolector.

The fact you can get your hands on a which that looks as cool and performs as well as the  SVPER11 Moon Landing Topographic Watch for under £200 is almost as miraculous as the moon landings themselves. We’re definitely going to look to get our hands on one of these magnificent moon inspired watches here at The Coolector and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen you’ve still got time to bag one with 45% off the RRP.

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