Everest App

We’ve all got our Mount Everest (mine is catching that moth that has been squatting on the roof of my flat for many months now – he could at least pay rent, the little bastard) but we don’t all have a constant reminder of what we are aiming to accomplish. Well, all that’s about to change with a fancy little app that, rather appropriately, goes by the name of the Everest App.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be utterly lacking in drive and determination (wait, is that just me?) so you’ll need your phone to tell you to man up and conquer your dreams. Instead of getting someone to send you motivational (read: abusive) text messages in order to keep you on track in your dream conquering, merely download the free Everest App and it will amalgamate all your dreams into achievable goals.


Whether your dream is to travel the world or climb a mountain (Everest, perhaps), this handy little app will do all it can to help keep you on track. Keeping on top of your dreams is probably the hardest thing to do and we all lose sight of them from time to time so a motivational app on the device we spend the majority of our time on, our phones, will certainly be handy in helping us accomplish all these goals.

See whether the Everest App can conquer your (probably unrealistic) dreams by checking out their website HERE.

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