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For those of us that shave with any regularity, it only takes a few bad experiences to realise that not all razors are created equal and that’s definitely why you should opt for quality when looking for your next shaving accessory. This leads us nicely on to Henson Shaving and their first class line up of razors which will show you what a good razor can do in terms of both performance and comfort. The unique design gives a shave so smooth, so effortless, it will make you rethink how shaving should feel and, best of all, these impeccable razors don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Each one of the Henson Shaving Razors is proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in Canada to exacting standards and there is a tangible sense of quality to the touch which sets them apart from the abundant amount of cheap razors on the market. Shaving is all about precision and this is something that the team at Henson are only too aware of. Using standard double-edge blades that cost 10 cents each, they sought out to prove it’s not about the blade — or the number of blades — it’s about how accurately you hold that blade in place. It’s not until you try a Henson razor that you’ll realise just how integral this fact is.

Perfectly Precise

Safety razors often leave too much blade exposed and this leads to an uncomfortable and less than optimal shaving experience. More exposure means more flex and it’s that flex that pulls your hair and leads to irritation. The blade exposure and blade angle on a Henson Razor are precisely machined to tolerances as tight as 0.0002 and it is this that gives you an absolutely smooth and unbeatable shave. If you’ve grown weary of the itchiness after using a low quality razor, now is the time to push the boat out a little and invest in Henson – and with prices starting at just $69.99, it’s not a hefty outlay at all.

Another problem with cheaper razors is how easily they clog with hair. A Henson Razor boasts a unique head design that includes exit channels designed to easily expel hair and shaving cream to ensure a clean shaving path for the blade and significantly reduce the amount of irritation. Given the problem with throwaway products now, especially plastic ones like cheap razors, these Henson ones are something you can feel good about adding to your Dopp kit as they feature an all metal construction, machined from aerospace grade aluminium (and a piece of tungsten), meaning your Henson will last a lifetime and the replaceable blades are 100% recyclable. Win for you, win for the environment.

Unbelievable value for money, once you own a Henson razor, shaving will only cost about 6$ a year. Considering you’ll spend more than that on a single pack of disposable razors, this is the epitome of a no-brainer in our opinion here at The Coolector. With impeccably crafted and ergonomically superior razors joining unparalleled precision, it’s not hard to see why more and more men are turning to Henson for all their shaving requirements. Want to ramp up your shaving game this Fall and Winter? Look no further than Henson.

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