Kelapa House

Thailand is one of our favourite places to travel here at The Coolector and it is home to some of the most mesmerising modern architecture out there in our opinion. Well, you can undoubtedly add Kelapa House to that list. Located on the island of Samui and designed by Architects 49, this amazing piece of contemporary design really is a breathtaking spectacle and has a rather substantial 2800m² of living space – all of which has been orientated to make the most of the properties exceptional views.

Majestically designed both inside and out, Kelapa House from Architects 49 is all about the panoramic views that it has been afforded by excellent design principles from the architects. It has been cleverly designed to put the surrounding islands in perspective, with their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and overlapping shadows. The exemplary home is nestled in a verdant plot in an amazing elevated position so as to truly take in the grandeur of one of Thailand’s most spectacle islands.

Out of This World Views

It goes without saying that Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you get to see it at its finest with Kelapa House. Nestled above Chaweng Noi beach, the planning of the property was purpose built to be overlapped and twisted in response to the terrain and the panoramic views it boasts. The natural light which shines through the canopy and voids was designed to fit the life’s daily usage of the space. At the same time, light and shadow deliver an unparalleled aesthetic impact, which continuously transforms throughout the day.

The structure of Kelapa House from Architects 49 has been carefully considered and designed so that only a few series of columns touch the earth as light as the falling coconut leaves. This solution allows the building to float above the typical steep slope of Samui, and means that the flow of water that comes with the seasonal monsoon to pass by with no problem to the structural integrity of the property or the interiors. The weathering steel paint and local Balau wood ceiling and decking were carefully chosen as the main materials to perfectly compliment the tropical surroundings.

It is important that Kelapa House should blend in with the environment as much as possible but at the same time, it has all the comforts of a contemporary home so it really is the best of both worlds in our opinion. Most importantly, the house reflects its owner style tastes and living preferences and answers all the client’s needs to the letter. We’re always amazed by the modern architecture dotted throughout Thailand and it’s fair to say that Kelapa House is one of our favourites to date.

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