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Whilst we’re not the most useful here at Coolector HQ and almost certainly don’t require a utility shed for any tools we don’t own, we do like the idea of having a structure to retreat to in order to quaff craft beer and take in some amazing views and that’s seemingly exactly what is on offer with this Utility Shed from New Zealand based Herbst Architects.

The Herbst Architects Utility Shed is situated on Great Barrier Island and serves as a small but perfectly formed retreat for its owner to relax, unwind and take in the glorious surroundings in which it is positioned. If your’e a fan of functional, well thought out architecture with unfussy finishes and clever use of space then this Utility Shed is just the thing for you.

50 Sheds of Great

Lamentably we don’t have any outdoor space to call our own here at Coolector HQ but, if we did, you can rest assured that we’d be filling it with a shed as awesome looking and well designed as this top notch Utility Shed from Herbst Architects. Situated in a breathtaking part of the world that positively demands you pull up a pew in your own shed and take it all in, this superb little structure is a great example of the designer’s talents in delivering exactly what their client was seeking.

The Herbst Architect Utility Shed isn’t going to revolutionise the way we look at design but it does boast some super cool little features and clever uses of space and mechanics that are definitely worth celebrating. This cracking little construct is situated close to the water’s edge to really capitalise on its great location on Great Barrier Island and for those that love the smell of sea air and a refreshing breeze, you’ll be in your element here.

With running water, retractable walls and an expansive decking area, calling this a shed does it a disservice to be honest because, truth be told, such is its eye catching design and first rate features, we’d be happy to live here. Crafted from robust materials to withstand the elements that are always worse on island locales, this spiffing piece of architecture is right up our street here at The Coolector and we’d love to relax and unwind on the decking with a craft beer in hand this summer.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to places we’d like to be here at The Coolector, by the water is always top of the list and this Utility Shed from Herbst Architects would be a great addition to any home where you can keep all your various utilities but also head to when you want to go and take in the sights and serenity of being close to water.

Having featured on the pages of The Coolector before, we were already aware of the design talents of Herbst Architects but they’ve certainly reaffirmed this knowledge with this expertly conceived and executed Utility Shed which we’ve been blown away by from a design and functionality point of view.

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