Titolo x New Balance 247 ‘Deep Into The Blue’ Sneakers

Of all the footwear brands there are out there to choose from, we always seem to gravitate back to New Balance here at Coolector HQ and when they work on collaborations, our sneaker radar goes into overdrive and that’s the case once again now we’ve come across these awesome looking Titolo x New Balance 247 ‘Deep Into The Blue’ Sneakers that are perfectly suited to day to day wear over the next few months as they exude summer vibes.

The Titolo x New Balance 247 ‘Deep Into The Blue’ Sneakers are a meeting of minds between Swiss sneaker store Titolo and New Balance and represents their rendition of the NB247 and it makes use of a wide range of summer inspired materials to deliver footwear that will really hit the spot over the next few months and beyond.

Summer Styling

These Titolo x New Balance 247 ‘Deep Into The Blue’ Sneakers have been made with the summer months well and truly in mind and boast a vibrancy that really helps them to stand out from the crowd. Crafted with everyday living in mind and taking their design inspiration from a love of the hot, summer months and all the fun that this typically entails, Titolo and New Balance have joined forces to deliver their vision of what it’s like to make the most of the summer such as spur of the moment adventures with friends and enjoying a craft beer or two with the sun beating down upon your neck.

We’re big fans of New Balance at The Coolector (as is likely abundantly clear given the number of times we’ve covered them) but Titolo are a new brand on our radar but they’ve made a fantastic first impression with these Titolo x New Balance 247 ‘Deep Into The Blue’ Sneakers. The striking aesthetic impact of this footwear has been accomplished by making use of a refined curation of top notch materials across the whole shoe which ensures a stunning piece of footwear that you’ll likely be wearing day in day out for the rest of the summer.

Boasting a wonderfully stylish dark blue suede which is lathered over the upper of the ‘Deep Into The Blue’ and a pink terrycloth New Balance ‘N’ logo which delivers a real popping contrast to the sneakers that will likely bring back fond memories of beach adventures. With a technical neoprene sock liner which makes it suitable for everyday wear this summer, we’re in no doubt that the comfort will be off the charts with these sneakers.

Best Foot Forward

We’ve all got that pair of sneakers that we grab when we head out on summer days and, safe to say, these brilliant Titolo x New Balance 247 ‘Deep Into The Blue’ Sneakers could be the ones for many men in 2017. Stylish, aesthetically superior and boasting first class comfort levels, there’s nothing not to like about this excellent collaboration between two leading brands in the footwear market.

Reasonably priced at just over £100, this cracking pair of sneakers will fly off the shelves and if you want to treat your feet to a pair, you’ll likely need to move quickly before they’re all gone. Expertly crafted and visually unparalleled, you’ll be hard press to find a cooler pair of sneakers all summer.

Price: £105

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